Thursday, 1 January 2015

How to install addons on fsx steam.

Hello. Any you steam users having trouble with installing fsx addons? well no fear!!!! thanks to this video by Flight Sim Productions, you can learn how to install those beautiful aircraft you have always wanted.

Wednesday, 31 December 2014

How to use Autopilot -Altitude hold.

In this tutorial i will show you how to use autopilot in fsx.

STEP 1: Start up fsx, choose the default 737-800 that comes with fsx. Choose an airport.

STEP 2: Click F10 on your keyboard. Click on the right side of the button labeled SEL to increase altitude and the left to decrease.

STEP 3: Set your altitude to 8000 like shown in the image, then contact ATC by pressing the "~" button on your keyboard which is located underneath the Esc(escape) key on your keyboard, ask for taxi for takeoff and click straight out departure.
 STEP 4: Start your taxi towards the runaway by following the yellow arrows on the ground and hold short of runaway.

STEP 5: After being cleared to takeoff line up on runaway and do a standard takeoff .

STEP 6: Once you are at around 600 ft put gear and flaps up, click the "Z" button on your keyboard to engage the autopilot which will be represented as a green light under the letters CMDA on your planes panel, to the left of the CMDA button there is a button which says ALT HLD(altitude hold).
click this button with your left mouse button and you plane will climb and maintain that altitude.

Thank you for reading through this tutorial, if you are confused or stuck please tell me what is wrong in the comments an i will gladly help you.

Getting Started with Flight Simulation.

So first of all, i would like to say welcome to all of you who are viewing this. Flight simulation is a worldwide hobby in which aviation enthusiasts like my self enjoy flying in virtual reality. There are no restrictions or limitations in the world of flight simulation and it is not as costly as real life aviation. You can start at any age in the world of flight simulation so the possibilities are endless. Now if you have just started out in the flight simulation world or you are someone wanting to get into this worldwide hobby and have no idea where to start well you are i the right place.

What Programs should i get? Well this depends on your budget and operation system. There are to main flight simulators out there. Microsoft flight simulator x (FSX) or Xplane 10. I will first start of with FSX, FSX is the program i use to do my flight simulation in, Since it has been around for quite awhile now, there are many addon aircraft that you can get for free or by buying product online, Their is a huge variety from small gliders, propeller planes right to the military and the giant jumbo jets that fly overhead. FSX is only for pc though so if you have MAC then you cannot run it. You can pick up FSX as a hard copy or online on steam for around 12USD( US dollars). The next simulator Xplane 10 is relatively new and a bit more expensive than FSX. This simulator works with MAC so for those of you who don't have a windows PC then this will be a good choice for you. Both of these simulators include the whole world and most of the airports in the world for you to fly around so the choice in entirely up to you.

What do i need to play a Flight Sim? Well, flight simming with a keyboard and mouse is not the best experience in the world(i speak from experience). I would recommend getting a Joystick for those who are just starting out or don't have a big budget. Getting a cheap one to start of would be a good idea, but as you progress to more of a professional level and want to get into a more realistic situation, i suggest buying a yoke and rudder pedals or if you have lots of money to blow then you can build your own homemade cockpit. I myself use a SAITEK ST90 JOYSTICK  which i bought for $30. You can also purchase their products online HERE.

Where can i get free addons for my flight simulator? Well there are many places online where you can download lots of free aircraft(freeware). I use three main sites which include addons for all flight simulation programs. I use FS Freeware - Simviation and Rikoo these three sites contain a tonne of quality freeware aircraft up for download.

How can i install fsx Addons? Some aircraft come with insturctions but if they don't then do not worry,
Simvitaion has a nice tutorial which clearly shows you how to do it. you can view that here.

If you guys have any questions and would like them to be answered then drop a comment in this post and i would be glad to help you out. thank you for reading.

Also I would love it if you guys could give me feedback on my blog post, I would like to know if they have helped or not.